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Can I have a monument or pylon sign on my property?

Monument or tenant ID signs are valuable to any retail property for attracting new customers and for keeping existing ones. Signs are the signals we see from the road that announce that a business is located in a certain area, and that parking is near. This helps customers find the locations, businesses be more visible and ultimately more successful. Each city has specific regulations and restrictions regarding size, height and number of businesses that can be included on a monument or pylon sign. We are experienced in the process in every Phoenix valley city and know the information that you need if you want to add this type of sign to your property.

What is the best type of lighting for my building sign, neon or LED?

LED technology has grown in popularity to the point that it is now the standard in sign lighting. Improvements in power supply technology and brightness, combined with lower pricing and greener technology, have made LED’s the preferred choice.
LEDs are the relatively new technology in signage. Within the past five years, there have been many innovations in this segment of the sign industry and they now seriously challenge neon for supremacy. Improvements in brightness and power supply technology, combined with lower pricing and the recent surge toward greener technology, have made LEDs the preferred choice for new signs.

Is neon more expensive to run and repair than LEDs?

In terms of electrical usage, neon transformers generally have larger power requirements in comparison to low-voltage LED power supplies. It has been estimated that LEDs use two-thirds less electricity than a comparable neon sign. If this is true, then LED signs should cost significantly less to run and will result in lower monthly electrical expenses. Neon repairs are also more expensive whenever there is a bad neon unit because they require two separate trips to complete. When LED lights fail, they can be repaired in one trip that results in lower repair bills. This means lower costs and repairs for your signage and lighting. All of this adds up to lower overall cost compared to neon and other alternatives.

What do I do if my wall sign is dim or flickering?

The best thing to do in this situation is to turn off the sign. Flickering/shorting can only cause more damage to other parts of your sign.

Will I need a permit for my sign?

Outdoor signs do require a permit. The requirements for a signage permit vary significantly from city to city and county depending on the local codes and ordinances. We will work closely with you and the officials to make sure that any sign is up to specifications, not exceeding height restrictions, location boundaries, brightness levels, or other limitations.

Do I have to have my own artwork for a sign?

Most clients provide us with their own artwork for signs, but not all. Whether you have an idea, or just a concept, we are happy to work with you to develop it into an entirely new design and look for your custom sign. Take advantage of our years of design experience and allow us to worth with you to create a beautiful and eye catching sign.

Will you visit my site to determine the needs for my sign project?

We are happy to come to your place of business in order to help evaluate the specific needs for your sign project. Whether it be for a sky-touching pole mounted sign, a massive monument sign for your parking lot, or a building-mounted sign, we understand that you probably have specific questions that need to be answered. We are excited about your project and the success of your business, please feel free to contact us with all of your signage questions.

How long will it take to produce my sign?

Sign fabrication time varies depending on the size, complexity of the design, and the materials being used. Please contact us for an estimate that closely matches your specific sign design and needs. Most signs can be produced within two to eight weeks depending on the complexity of the project.

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