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What is a pylon sign and how much do they cost?

Pylon sign definition: Pylon signs are often over 10 feet tall with tall support beams both covered and uncovered. Chances are that you have seen pylon signs on your way home almost every day. While these signs sometimes are reserved for a business like a casino, but they often have several businesses listed on them. These signs can be seen all across the Phoenix metro area in shopping plazas, strip malls, and other high traffic volume areas.

Pylon Sign Benefits

Pylon signs come in several different sizes as well as multiple types starting with the typical sign we often see along an interstate advertising everything from hotels to truck stops because travelers are often driving at high speeds that is the need for these signs to be very large and brightly lit. Other times these signs are installed by building owners to showcase all of the businesses that are occupying their location, these signs are not nearly as large as the signs you would see from the interstate since because they are mostly seen in the Phoenix Metro area. Also, these signs are likely going to be backlit to be seen at night, but only so the signs can be read when it is dark outside.

  • Custom designs to meet your specific wants and needs.
  • Lighting is not necessary during the day but will still work off a light sensor or timer to illuminate during the night.
  • Pylon signs can be programmed for custom messages like daily specials.
  • Easier to be seen from a long distance like the highway.
  • Increases foot traffic almost instantly by showing more than one business at a time.

How does a monument sign differ from a pylon sign?

Monument signs are often smaller in size and are typically under 5 feet. Pylon signs are often much taller to attract customers from a greater distance and are very beneficial for businesses reliant upon vehicle traffic for customers. There is a chance that a pylon sign will not be allowed because of zoning rules, but this could also be unnecessary because of the type of business that is being advertised for instance a new housing subdivision versus a fast food chain trying to attract motorists from a nearby highway.

How Much Does a Pylon Sign Cost?

Since pylon signs range so differently the costs also do as well. The price range of these signs varies wildly between $8,000 and $200,000 which is dependant upon both size and features as well. For instance, a pylon sign can start at 8 feet high without any type of lighting or they can be well above 50 feet tall with an LED message advertising the weekly rates for a casino located near a high traffic interstate or highway.

Free Commercial Sign Services Estimates in the Phoenix Area

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